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In a bad place right now, but I think I deserve to be happy when I didn’t think so before.

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Mad Men Challenge
[5/10] Episodes:
"The Suitcase" S04E07

"Somebody very important to me died."
“The only person in the world who really knew me.”
“That’s not true.”

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Beachy nails with sand, color shifting sunglasses, colorful bikini and sea of course :) The multichrome nail polish I used for the sungalsses is Dance Legend Sulley! The gold sand nail polish is L.A. Girl Sands of Time. For the sea pattern I sponged the white-blue gradient, then I used the water spotted technique.  

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Production DesignAlien (1979)

by Michael Seymour

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Aubrey Plaza is the goth babe who isn’t trying

Aubrey Plaza is the goth babe who isn’t trying

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Sometimes I don’t hate when I feel this alone because I feel powerful, but it sure would be nice to feel closeness with another person.

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heres an idea: instead of trying to “fix” autism try to fix the way allistic people react to austic people because saying you want to cure autism and trying to find a way to make sure autistic children arent born is just like saying that you want to cure gay people…

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